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Power/Pressure Washing

Driveways, Patios, Decking and other hard surfaces.


Sky-Vac Guttering Cleaning

 UPVC, Fascia and Conservatory Cleaning

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Hi, my name is Paul and I have steadily grown the company over the last few years. It is my name on the side of the van, my name on the leaflets that I distribute and my name on this website. My reputation is my business. 

Specialising in pressure washing, driveway cleaning, gutter vacuuming and fascia, conservatory and UPVC cleaning we cover the whole of the northwest from a base next to the M6 in Wigan. 

Is your driveway or patio looking tired and unloved?? Is it getting you down every time you step outside or every time the sun shines??!! Has it been neglected and slowly deteriorated before your very eyes?! 
Bring your drive or patio back to life!!

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Conservatory Cleaning

Add some sparkle to your home and make it stand out from the crowd. It’s amazing how much more attractive a property looks when all the UPVC is glistening in the sunshine!  

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Outdoor Pressure Washing

Driveways, patios, decking, walls, footpaths, etc can be thoroughly and professionally cleaned and restored to a very high standard.  I can also apply sealer if required.  Please see the “Before and After” section for examples of jobs I have done on the gallery page.

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General Questions people ask

(A) I always try to visit a site and give power washing quotes in person. This way we can discuss exactly what the customers requirements are and we both know exactly what area will be cleaned and what the outcome will be. By visitng each site it also ensures I can give a fair and accurate price for each job. It is possible to give an estimate over the phone or via messages using photographs but this would be only an estimate and would be reviewed when arriving on site as sometimes photos can be misleading!
If I take a look at a job I can discuss all the options with you such as sealers, re-pointing or grouting, maintenance etc.  

A rough guide/example to pricing is as follows:  

  • Concrete flags, 2 car drive: Approx £70
  • Terraced house small front yard : Approx £30
  • Semi detached house concrete flagged drive, side path and back yard : Approx £120
  • Decking : From £40
These are only rough guides and I always prefer to visit a job and discuss the exact requirements, areas/boundaries and options available to a potential customer before giving prices.

(Q) Will power washing damage the surface?  
(A) I use a petrol driven pressure washer with a rotary head surface cleaning attachment to thoroughly clean all flat surfaces.  A traditional lance is then used to clean the edges and rinse away the muck afterwards.
The flat surface rotary head cleaner is specifically designed with two spinning jet nozzles to clean as thoroughly as possible yet without damaging the joints or pointing. However, if the surface has been down a long time or the joints have started to fail, any loose mortar, sand or cement etc will be rinsed away.  There is no way to avoid this completely. You can either have a dirty drive with failed joints or a clean drive with re-pointed joints! Old tarmac can be cleaned and then a restorer applied to protect the surface for longer.

Q) Will a sealer prevent weeds on my patio/drive and stop it turning green?
(A) A good quality sealer will improve the look of the surface and make it easier to maintain in future.  It does help inhibit weed growth and keep the surface looking its best for longer. However, it is not a magic miracle cure and it will still get dirty over time.  Weeds, contrary to popular belief, do not grow up through the joints, they take root when seeds, spores, bird muck etc are dropped on the surface and are not washed (by rain or hosepipe) or brushed away. They then germinate and take root in the jointing sand or cracked mortar.
A sealer helps form a barrier bonding the top layers of sand together and making it easier for the rain to wash away any seeds etc after they land.  Regular sweeping or light washing of the drive/patio will help maintain its appearance as well.
A professional clean once a year is recommended and a good quality sealer applied every few years.