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Power/Pressure Washing

Driveways, patios, decking, walls, paths, etc can be thoroughly and professionally cleaned and repaired to a very high standard.  I can also apply sealer if so required.  Please see the “Before and After” section for examples of jobs I have done.

I use a petrol powered pressure washer with a rotary head flat surface cleaner to completely remove all the muck, algae, weeds and grime and leave the surface looking like new.

The flat surface cleaner cuts through most dirt in no time and keeps the muck and water contained under its casing in order to reduce the mess created.

The power washer I use creates enough pressure to thoroughly clean even the dirtiest of drives and patios.  Stubborn stains like oil and grease can be treated with a degreasing agent prior to and during cleaning to help reduce the stain.


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Blocked gutters are not only unsightly but can cause long term structural problems. When it rains and water overflows blocked gutters it can seep into the brickwork and cause damp or more serious issues. The guttering around your house is designed to quickly and efficiently take water away from the roof, walls and foundations and into the drains. Blocked gutters prevent this happening and can result in damage to your house.

We carry out gutter cleaning using the latest technology SkyVac gutter vacuum. It is an industrial strength vacuum with attachable carbon fibre poles which means gutters up to four or five storeys high can be cleaned from the safety of the ground. We can safely and effectively clean difficult or awkward to reach gutters such as over conservatories or pitched roofs. Ladders and scaffolding are made redundant meaning jobs can be done quickly, safely and cost effectively.


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UPVC Cleaning

If your guttering, fascias, soffits, window frames or conservatory are looking a little green and dirty, why not have them professionally cleaned and restored and bring them back to their attractive best? Add some sparkle to your home and make it stand out from the crowd. It’s amazing how much more attractive a property looks when all the UPVC is glistening in the sunshine!

By using a combination of power washing; a detergent fed, long reach brush and also a pure water system we can professionally clean and restore any UPVC around your home. The detergent fed brush is used to thoroughly clean and remove any green algae or dirty stains off the UPVC. The pure water system leaves a streak free finish on the glass and ensures any mucky residue from the earlier cleaning process is removed and your house looks bright and attractive and sparkles in the occasional British sunshine!

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